Why does bike engine get seized?

Maintaining a bike is important, as if you do not maintain your bike, it will cause you a lot of problems, such as an engine may seize, flat tires, tight brakes, and many more things. Out of all of them, a seized engine will cause you a lot of problems, as an engine is regarded as the heart of a bike, and if it does not work properly, how will a bike run? Every function that a bike performs depends on its engine. So, it is very important for bike owners to maintain their bike engines, and this is why it is recommended to change the engine oil so that a bike keeps running in good condition.

In this blog, we will discuss what the meaning of a seized bike engine is and how we can fix it.

Meaning of Bike engine seized

Imagine you are riding a bike and suddenly your engine has hiccups, and it gets jammed and stops moving ahead. When you try to push a bike, it does not restart, and you are also unable to kick it. This situation will be termed a bike engine seizure. In simple words, when a bike engine gets stuck and refuses to start and run, consider that there is some problem within your engine, and it has seized.

What causes a bike engine to be seized?

There are many reasons why your bike engine gets seized, and some of the major reasons or causes behind it are:

  1. No oil in the engine

If there is no oil in the engine, your engine will definitely be seized, and this is the major reason why engine oil gets seized. It may happen on any bike, regardless of its brand and size. When there is no oil present in an engine, all the parts of the bike will remain dry. During this, all the parts will get rubbed against each other, which will cause heating. And if there is no engine oil in the bike, it will seize all the pistons, and the engine will get jammed.

  1. Oil Pump failure

Sometimes it happens that even after engine oil is present in a bike, the engine also gets seize. And this is because the oil pump gets damaged. When an oil pump gets damaged, the engine also gets seized. The oil pump is on the clutch side, and it works with the help of the timing chain. For some other bikes, it works with the help of the GPT Gearbox. The oil pump function is to supply the oil to the cam rocker, which is installed in an engine, and because of it, the cam rocker is able to work properly and never brakes. But in case an oil pump gets damaged, the cam rocker stops receiving oil, and the engine gets seized. This is also the major reason why an engine gets seized.

  1. Running out of coolant

A bike engine may get seized when a bike does not get coolant. Some of the bikes have a radiator available in the bike where coolant is poured to cool the engine. And most people make mistakes by not checking the coolant in their bike; instead, they check whether the oil is there or not. And this makes an engine seized; hence, a bike owner should keep their bike serviced on time to avoid these situations.

  1. Water in engine

When water gets into your engine, it also gets seized, and this is the biggest problem. You may see it in the rainy season too. When water enters an engine, it gets jammed. As you know, water and petrol never get mixed, as when petrol is in an engine, it gets burned and the water remains unaffected. Perhaps take care that water does not enter an engine.

Symptoms of Seized Engine

Following symptoms of seized engine are:

  1. Engine sound

If you are hearing any sound from your bike, you should quickly call a mechanic to your house and get your bike engine seized repaired as soon as possible. There are chances that either the engine oil or the oil pump is damaged.

  1. Timing chain noise

If a timing chain is making noise, get it repaired quickly, as the major reason behind it is that an oil pump is damaged. When an oil pump gets damaged, the timing chain begins to make noise. As a result, a cam rocker does not get oil, and this results in a seized engine. So, one should not ignore it, even if any of the bike parts are making noise.

How to fix a seized bike engine?

Fixing a seized bike engine is very important, as if it does not get repaired within a short period of time, it might cause a lot of problems. You cannot repair a seized bike engine alone, as you are not a professional. It is better to get it repaired by a professional, which will keep your bike in good condition. Apna mechanics have professional mechanics who have many years of experience in resolving all the major or minor bike-related issues.

Let’s see how to fix a seized bike engine:

  1. Lubrication of the Piston and Combustion Chamber

Take out all the spark plugs, then add the lubricant oil to the spark plug holes that reach to the top of each piston. Likewise, do this on every spark plug hole. Make sure that you are using a quality lubricant.

  1. Turning the flywheel manually

It is advisable to remove the bike’s cracked base cover beside the engine. After doing this, add an oil pan underneath, as oil will spread out of it. You can also take out the oil before eliminating the crack base.

  1. Use your bike regularly.

If you do not use your bike regularly, there is not a problem, but always ensure that your bike does not remain idle for a long period of time. So, it will be better if you turn on your bike for a few minutes, as it will allow the oil to circulate throughout the engine.

How to avoid seized motorcycle engine?

If you want to avoid this situation of a seized engine, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that you change the oil once a year or after every 3500 miles.
  2. Check whether your bike has engine oil in it or not.
  3. Contact a professional mechanic to get your bike repaired on time.
  4. Always use a bike, even if you are using it for a few minutes, as an idle bike gets jammed faster.
  5. Add coolant as per requirements.

What will be the cost of seized bike engine?

The cost to repair a seized bike engine depends on the model of your bike, and it is also dependent on the amount of damage that has occurred. Apna Mechanic bike engine seized repair cost is done at a very reasonable price. A bike engine jam is also similar to an engine-seized situation, and Apna Mechanic believes that a bike owner and bike enthusiasts should never face a problem riding a bike anywhere. Therefore, Apna Mechanic offers a motorcycle engine repair service at modest prices.


Answers to your questions

Q1. What is bike engine seizing?

When a bike suddenly gets hiccups, it stops in between, and after all the trials, it starts refusing. This indicates that a bike engine is seized.

Q2. How do you know if the bike engine is seized or not?

It is very simple: when you get to hear some irritating noise, consider that there is some problem with the engine, and you need to get it repaired immediately.

Q3. What causes a bike engine to seize?

If a bike does not contain engine oil, it gets seized. Besides, there are multiple reasons, like when a coolant is not added, or the oil pump fails.

Q4. Can a seized engine be repaired?

Yes, a seized engine is repaired by a professional mechanic only. Apna Mechanic has professional mechanics who can make your bike in good condition again.

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