10 Essential Motorcycle Maintenance Tips Every Rider Should Know

Who wouldn’t love to own a motorcycle? Everyone needs a vehicle, either a two-wheeler or four-wheeler, but day by day the traffic is increasing in cities such as Gurugram, Mumbai, Bangalore, and many more. Because of this problem, most people prefer to purchase a two-wheeler such as a motorcycle or Activa. Motorcycles are as old as a century ago, and they are quite popular among the young generation who want to take part in a race and want to become famous like Steve McQueen, Evel Knieval, and other popular legends of motorcycling. Each motorcyclist has their own techniques and methods to maintain their motorcycles so that, over the years, they can remain as they were.

So, purchasing a bike can be exciting, but wait, do you know how legends maintain a bike so that its life span can be increased and how the costs of maintaining it can be reduced?

Here are some essential tips to maintain your motorcycle:

  1. Check engine oil:

The oil in the engine of the motorcycle is considered the food of the motorcycle. Engine oil always keeps the engine lubricated. Not only this, but it also has a cooling effect on the vehicle. The oil in the engine can decrease over time; moreover, the oil can become dense, which is very bad for the engine. To avoid this issue, some measures can be taken, like checking the oil after service or changing old oil.

  1. Always check your tyres:

As life has ups and downs, the road on which we drive is full of ups and downs, and their tyres plays an important role, so it is necessary for the one to check the tyres on a regular basis. For a safe driving make sure that your tyre is filled with proper air pressure.

  1. Cleanse air filter:

Air Filter needs to be cleaned daily as dust and the other materials must be removed, which can affect your motorcycle in a negative way. In case if it is not checked, it can damage the engine in a serious manner.

  1. Remember your cables:

There are chances that the oil and grease in your cable housing can dry up over a time. Always remember to check your clutch, brakes, throttle, choke, and any other cables.

  1. Examine the battery life:

Bike battery is one of the easier parts to take care of. Make sure that the terminals are fixed and greased properly. Beside this, always keep an eye on the level of the distilled water in your battery; it is recommended to check it after every couple of weeks.

  1. Sustain the transmission system:

Your bike chain must be lubricated in order to avoid any damage that can be caused by the excess heat. Various measures can be taken in order to sustain the transmission system, including:

  • Provide daily lubrication.
  • Use of Paraffin to wash the chain.
  • One can use the soft brush and a piece of cloth to remove the dirt from the chain.
  • Old engine can also be used to lubricate the chain links and the chain.
  1. Always clean your motorcycle:

Not only it’s necessary to clean the motorcycle outside,  but also one needs to clean it from inside.

A few steps that can be taken to clean your motorcycle daily are:

  • Use a microfibre cloth to clean your motorcycle.
  • Never expose your motorcycle to direct sunlight and always make sure to park it under a tree or a shed.
  • Use plastic sheets to cover the ignition switch unit, ignition coil and silencer, before you start cleaning the motorcycle.
  1. Inspect the sprockets:

A sprocket is also known as a chainwheel with teeth that combines with a chain, track, or some other material. Usually, sprockets wear out at 40,000 KM (25,000 miles), and it is not advisable to change one part of them as it is mandatory to change both the driving and driven sprockets and the chain within that time only.

  1. Swap your brake pads:

Always try to maintain the correct spacing for your motorcycles and make sure that they are not screeching.

  1. Drive slowly:

Try to drive slowly each time you get out of your home or office. As it will not only safe your life but also helps in reducing the fuel consumption of the motorcycle and will keep an engine in better stage.


“Prevention is better than cure” is a very famous quote which is used widely everywhere, so as the same can be used in maintaining the motorcycle before the motorcycle start getting damaged, it is necessary to make sure that each part of it is functioning well. Purchasing a motorcycle is easy but maintaining it is the most difficult. If you want to maintain the motorcycle in a proper manner, then make sure to follow all these tips as mentioned above.

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