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    Royal Enfield Bike Service Center at your Doorstep

    Are your Looking for Bullet Service Centers near you? Apna Mechanic now provides authorized Royal Enfield Service Mechanic at your Doorstep. Get your Bullet 350 & Bullet 500 bike service at home by reputed and authentic mechanic at unbeatable service cost with engine oil of your choice. For more information on Royal Enfield Bikes service cost and spare parts download the Apna Mechanic app and get access to bouquet of bike garage services that remove the hassles of bike repair & servicing and helps you maintain your Royal Enfield bike in the best way possible.


    We all prefer to stay at home and be safe these days because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Apna Mechanic has revolutionized the way Royal Enfield servicing and repairs are done, making it simple and hassle-free right at your doorstep. It makes no difference whether you have a Royal Enfield Bullet bike or an Interceptor 650. Apna Mechanic’s bike service experts take care of everything from inspection to detection of the problem.


    Here are a few popular Royal Enfield motorcycles including Bullet classic 350, thunderbird 350x bullet bike, bullet 350, royal enfield himalayan, interceptor 650 and continental gt.

    bullet service at home

    Bullet Service at Home

    With social distancing becomes a part of our daily lives, Apna Mechanic provides bullet service at doorstep, where customers can book bullet maintenance at home or office. Our bullet mechanic will be capable of service, component testing, and all genuine bullet parts used in the bike service will come with a warranty too.

    Tips from Apna Mechanic to Keep Your Royal Enfield Bike in Good Shape!


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    Get professional periodic two-wheeler service, bike repair, engine care services, and much more.

    Is your Royal Enfield bike due for a service or you want to repair your Bullet bike? We brings you Royal Enfield service center at your doorstep in Delhi NCR. Apna Mechanic provides only authorized and genuine Royal Enfield mechanic at Home/Office who abide the servicing standards of Royal Enfield with an assurance of genuine Royal Enfield spare parts.


    Apna Mechanic strongly recommends to use only Royal Enfield genuine spare parts for your safety and durability of your Royal Enfield bike. For more information on free pick-up and drop facility, service prices and service schedules download Apna Mechanic app from Play Store.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cotton, paper, foam, or a combination of these materials is used to make air filters. If you wish to wash your motorbike’s air filter, check your owner’s manual or with the air filter manufacturer to see if using soap and water is safe. Oil-coated filters aren’t as prevalent as they used to be, but you’ll need a special cleaning solution if you do have one. An oil-coated air filter should not be cleaned with soap and water.

    The purpose of an air filter is to keep dirt and dust out of your engine. When the air filter of motorbike clogs, the amount of air drawn into the engine’s intake system decreases. There will be an imbalance issue with the air-to-fuel ratio. Your engine will suffer as a result of this. The possible issues are poor fuel economy, power loss, or sluggish throttle responses. The engine will not start if you ignore a dirty air filter for long enough.

    Royal Enfield bikes do not require a lot of maintenance; it’s just people don’t take care of their bike like servicing and maintaining the bike on a regular basis, cleaning and lubing the chain, and changing the oil every 3000 kilometers if using mineral oil, or every 4500 kilometers if using semi-synthetic oil.

    • Kickstart every morning

    Kickstart your Royal Enfield motorcycle every time you start it in the morning. If you use the start button, you’re putting extra strain on both the battery and the starter motor, so if you can, start it in an old-fashioned manner.

    • It is not a good idea to wash every day.

    There are two major reasons for this: 1) with all that metal on the motorcycle, daily contact with water will only act as a catalyst for corrosion, and 2) the water will eventually cut through the clear paint coat on the motorcycle, speeding up the aging process and eventually causing the paint to become dull.

    • Make sure it’s well lubricated.

    One of the most significant aspects of riding a Royal Enfield motorcycle is the chain. Once the chain is clean, lubricate it with an excellent chain lube spray. Double-check that you’ve reached all of the chain links.

    • Exhaust System

    We all want the sound of our Royal Enfields to be good. When it comes to putting an aftermarket exhaust system on a Royal Enfield, the only thing to keep in mind is that cheap replicas are bad for the bike, bad for the ear, and bad for the environment.

    • Tire Pressure

    Get your tire pressure checked and regulated once a week because lower than normal pressure may result in an unsteady ride and excess pressure on the rims.

    • Check-ups on a regular basis

    When your motorcycle’s service is due, make sure to take it in. In most cases, setting a reminder is effective. Scheduled maintenance extends the life of the engine and allows for the early detection and rectification of any problems.

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