Checklist for bikes to follow Before Going on a Road Trip on Bike

People have been going on holidays after spending nearly two years at home due to the Covid-19 outbreak. A journey on your bike is a must-do when it comes to enjoyable excursions.

One of the most popular forms of alternative transportation is bike trips. The convenience of choosing when and where to travel and parking, plus the element of wind in your hair, does make this a desirable choice.

Yet you can’t just ride your bike off on a long journey without making any preparations. Before starting a road trip, there are several bike maintenance recommendations to keep in mind.

Every bike enthusiast dreams of taking a long bicycle vacation at least once during his lifetime. Also, there are so many wonderful possibilities for road excursions around India, including verdant valleys, snowy mountains, and much more, that it is simply unacceptable to exclude the possibility of taking your cherished bike. The main issue to cater to the needs before you plan a motorcycle road trip is a rigorous check of the motorcycle’s condition.

Here are some tips on how to maintain your bike before heading out on the road for a prolonged, fascinating ride.

  1. Check the frame

Briefly inspect the frame for scratches, dents, and welding seams. If you find any or something that seems off, let the bike mechanic know.

Rotate the handlebars to the left and right in the front frame and adjust the suspension to see if there is any unintentional movement. In an ideal scenario, it should be moving without any restrictions.

Raise the rear wheel to check the mounting points for any unintentional movement of the rear frame. It should be possible to freely raise and lower the swingarm.

  1. Check the wiring and controls.

Inspect for cracks and breakage in all of the pedals and levers. Make sure all the connections and mounting points are tight by inspecting them all. If not, do it right away or get it done by an expert mechanic. Check for any damaged or loose wires. Find any and have it fixed or replaced.

  1. Check the Mirrors, lights, and horn.

Pay attention to the rearview mirrors, which are very important while riding. Verify the functionality of all the lights, including the headlights, taillights, indicators, and high beams. Ensure that the horn is functioning properly.

  1. Check Wheels and Tires

Carefully inspect the wheels and tires. Check the tread wear bars to see if the tires are old or in good shape. Have the mechanic change the motorcycle tire if the tread bars disappear or if you notice any odd patterns. Verify whether the tire is tubeless. It would be preferable if it had no tubes. Spin the wheels to check if they are free to move without any restriction or rubbing against the brake pads. Ask the mechanic to adjust the rim if you detect any wobble.

  1. Check Brakes

Check whether the front and rear brakes are functioning properly. Check to see if the brake pads are worn. While applying the brakes, make sure the brake pads are hitting the rim equally on both sides.

  1. Check the chain and chain sprocket.

Keep the chain lubricated. The market offers a wide variety of lubricants. Use any mild oil which you regularly use for your bike. Inspect the chain’s teeth; if they appear worn out, bring a replacement chain or have it changed immediately.

  1. Lubricate your motorcycle

Regularly lubricating the bike chain is also essential to prevent the chain from drying up completely and suffering rust damage. As a result, maintaining the bike regularly must include lubricating and cleaning. If you have neglected these bike maintenance suggestions over the years, now is the time to have them completed by a qualified mechanic so that you won’t have any problems while traveling.

  1. Check the pressure in the tires.

Before embarking on a long motorcycle trip, keep in mind that you must properly maintain your bike’s tires because driving while they are underinflated might be harmful. When you’re riding the bike, it could harm the tires and lead to an accident. Therefore make sure to manually check the tire pressure to see how they are doing. Only after a thorough inspection can you start your long bike ride on the road.

  1. Make sure the battery is charged.

The battery gives your bike the power it needs to move. Hence, before you could start your road journey, the battery needed to be in good condition and fully charged.

  1. Check Air filter

Before embarking on a long enjoyable trip on your bike around the stunning yet isolated country’s roadways, it’s also important to make sure the air filter is operating properly. As you are aware, an air filter maintains proper air supply to the bike’s engine and prevents the entry of dangerous air particles. So, you must frequently clean the air filter if you don’t want your motorcycle’s engine to shut off due to unwanted air particles. This is crucial if you intend to ride your bike on a long road trip.

These are the basics that one should check in their motorcycle and make sure to do so before taking off for a long ride.

Getting your bike properly inspected by a skilled mechanic is crucial, or you can choose Apna Mechanic Bike service at your doorstep before embarking on a long motorcycle road trip. Apna Mechanic offers reputable and authentic bike mechanics for your two-wheeler with servicing at unbeatable prices with engine oil of your choice and services that eliminate time wasted in the hassles of bike repair & maintenance. They assist you in maintaining your two-wheeler as effectively as possible.

Along with proper maintenance, it is also advised to carry a spare set of necessary tools on hand so that, in case of emergency, you can handle a breakdown while on the road. The advice on bike maintenance stated above will also help you prepare your bike for your journey by taking good care of it. Even if the bike is brand new, you should follow the new motorcycle maintenance advice to avoid unpleasant driving situations.

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