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One of the most important tasks of owning a motorcycle is keeping up with the necessary maintenance. Regular bike maintenance should be performed to guarantee that your bike is working smoothly, and for its longevity, and for your safety. The harsh weather conditions can have a significant impact on a two-wheeler’s performance, affecting both moving and static components. While it may appear that skipping an oil change or not replacing an air filter is acceptable, the truth is that the better you care for your bike, the longer it will survive.

A bike service includes inspecting the status of various components and replacing or repairing them as needed. A well-maintained bike will perform effectively for the rest of its life, and there will be no doubts about its dependability and reliability. If you’ve been riding a two-wheeler for a while, you’re aware of the importance of motorcycle maintenance in terms of safety and performance. What you may not know is that Apna Mechanic’s online bike service center can provide all of the routine bike servicing of your new or old bike right at your doorstep in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad by booking the bike services using their bike service app.

An experienced and qualified professional mechanic is sent to the location of your convenience for any type of bike service at home for a reasonable fee. You can stay at home and have your bike serviced by an experienced and skilled mechanic in just one click. The mechanic sent by them comes with all of the necessary tools, as well as essential parts and engine oil. The cost of bike servicing at home varies, but here is a compiled list of bike repair and service prices, which you can find below.

Bike Repair and Service Price List       

Most of the motorbike maintenance service providers have set service plans. The plans are priced based on the capacity of the motorcycle or scooter’s engine. The pricing of the maintenance plans at Apna Mechanic are as follows:

Bike TypeInterim Service Price Range (INR)Breakdown Assistance Price Range (INR)Full-Service Price Range (INR)
Below 125 CC499200 - 250499 - 650
125 CC to 180 CC599200 - 250599 - 799
More than 180 CC699200 - 250999 - 1200
Scooters599200 - 250599 - 799
Royal Enfield999200 - 250999 - 1200

The bike service pricing range varies depending on the maintenance services required and the labor cost. As bike repair and maintenance services at the doorstep have become more popular, booking bike service online is now easier than ever. To book a motorbike maintenance service online, visit the Apna mechanic website or download the Apna Mechanic bike service app.

Types of Bike Servicing

There are two types of services:

Interim Service or Minor Service:

A minor bike service is a basic service that focuses on examining fluid levels. In this Bike Service plan, the bike servicing is done at your doorstep.

The following are the services included in minor servicing:

  1. Replace the oil and oil filter in the engine.
  2. Check the brake fluid level and top it if necessary.
  3. Inspect the brake pads and inform the owner if they need to be replaced.
  4. Adjust the chain if necessary by lubricating it.
  5. Check the tire pressure of the motorcycle.
  6. Check the brake light and headlights.

Full bike service or Major Service:

A major service is more extensive and involves the inspection of the engine as well as the adjustment of various parts. In this Bike Service, the bike will be picked up from your selected location and taken to an authorized service garage. The mechanic will repair your motorcycle and return it to you once the maintenance work is done.

The following are the services included in major servicing along with the services included in minor servicing:

  1. Change the air filter.
  2. Change Oil Filter for Clutch (If required)
  3. Clutch fluid to be changed.
  4. Remove and clean the brake calipers.
  5. Replace the brake fluid.
  6. Throttle and brake cables are adjusted.
  7. Check for play and wear in the front and rear suspensions.
  8. Examine the battery’s performance.
  9. Wheel bearings are inspected.
  10. Check the headstock bearings.
  11. Check and adjust valve clearances.
  12. Replace the coolant in the radiator.
  13. Check that all fasteners are properly torqued.

How often should you get your motorcycle serviced?

When it comes to bike maintenance, it’s best to consult the owner’s manual for the suggested service intervals. As a general guideline, after every 3000 kilometers of travel, the motorcycle should be serviced. If your bike or scooter is brand new, the first service should be performed after 800 kilometers. The frequency of motorcycle servicing varies with different manufacturers and is specified in their owner’s manual.

Most bike companies have a three-month or 3000-kilometer servicing period, whichever comes first. No matter what, you must have your bike serviced every 3000 kilometers. And after each servicing, the meter is reset to zero. So, if your bike covers 2500 kilometers in six months and you service it, the following service must be between 2-4 months or 3000 kilometers of the last service, whichever comes first. But that doesn’t imply you only get the bike serviced when it’s needed and leave it alone the rest of the time. If you notice anything wrong with the bike, such as loose brakes or a tight clutch, you can simply book a bike repair service and get it repaired at your doorstep. Also, regardless of how many kilometers have passed since your previous service, if you are planning a long journey on your bike, it is always an intelligent option to get the bike inspected to ensure there are no minor problems that can cause any problems during the journey.

Through Apna Mechanic bike service App, you can book a bike maintenance service in Delhi NCR or check the bike repair and servicing prices to get your bike serviced at your doorstep. Your bike will be serviced with the utmost care by expert mechanics after a thorough inspection. If a major service is required, the mechanic will pick up your bike to their repair center for repairs and will return it to you within the scheduled time duration.

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