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    Yamaha Bike Services at Home

    Get professional periodic Yamaha bike service at Home, bike engine repair, battery replacement, wheel, and tyre care services. Also, you can buy bike insurance and much more done at the best prices.

    Yamaha Bike Service Center at your Doorstep

    Everyone wants their bike to be in perfect shape. However, this cannot be expected if it is not maintained properly, primarily if it is frequently used and overused. A bike’s maintenance is entirely dependent on the owner. Proper maintenance and regular servicing are what your Yahama Bike needs. Remember, you’re getting a variety of benefits by just getting your bike serviced regularly while assuring a pleasant driving experience.


    Apna Mechanic has developed a specialized and systematic approach for bike maintenance to deliver cost-effective and efficient solutions right at your doorstep. We provide a convenient on-site service for routine maintenance and minor spare part replacement. You can get your motorbike inspected and serviced in your presence and vigilance at your desired location.

    Popular Yamaha Bike models serviceable on a single click at our workshop include R15 M, R15 V4, Moto GP Edition, R15 S, R15, MT15 CYW, MT15, FZS 25, FZ 25, FZ X, FZ S FI, FZ FI, Aerox 155, RAYZR STREET RALLY 125 Fi, RAYZR 125 Fi, FASCINO 125 Fi.

    Tips from Apna Mechanic to Keep Your Yamaha Bike in Good Shape!

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    Get professional periodic two-wheeler service, bike repair, engine care services, and much more.

    We at Apna Mechanic have got all your motorbike-related services covered! 

    Apna Mechanic’s goal is to make your motorbike repair and maintenance as quick and easy as possible. That means no more waiting for a mechanic to arrive, no more leaving your bike in the shop for weeks on end, and no more rushing to the store to pick up your bike at lunchtime.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Whining noises might be caused by a faulty cooling system, improper cam chain tension, an unhealthy drive chain, deteriorating wheel bearings, or transmission gearbox problems. Our experts would recommend you to immediately take your Yamaha Motorbike to an experienced mechanic or reliable service station.

    According to the general Yamaha Motorbike maintenance schedule, the first service should be performed after 1000 kilometers, the second after 4000 kilometers, the third after 7000 kilometers, the fourth after 10000 kilometers, and the fifth after 13000 kilometers. We would also recommend you to follow the servicing guidelines mentioned in Yamaha’s owner manual.

    Air filter cleaning, oil filter cleaning, carburetor cleaning, clutch plate adjustment, chain adjustment and lubrication, brake shoes cleaning, and external foam wash are all included in the General Service.

    • Slipping Clutch

    A clutch slip is evident when you twist the throttle but don’t achieve the desired acceleration, and the bike doesn’t move in tandem with the engine’s rpm.

    • Smell of Burning

    If you’ve ever noticed a foul, burning smell coming from your bike after a long ride, it’s a clue that you should inspect the clutch.

    • Hard Gear Shifts

    When the clutch lever feels stiff, or the gears move jerkily, it’s a sign that the friction material is worn out and the clutch plates need to be replaced.

    To ensure top performance and long life, lube a motorcycle chain every 400-800 kilometers. Lubricate the chain after riding, not before. This gives the solvents in the spray time to evaporate before the bike is used again, allowing the lubrication to penetrate the link properly.

    On your two-wheeler, avoid using utensil-cleaning detergents. Chemicals in these products can ruin the paint. In India, diesel is widely used to clean two-wheelers, and while it performs an excellent job of washing your bike quickly, it permanently destroys the paint. Use only automotive shampoos available in the market to wash your motorbike at all costs.

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