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Why to Choose Apna Mechanic for Bike service over OEM Workshops and Local Mechanics?

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Getting your bike serviced on time is very important, as if it is not serviced on time, it may cause some major issues for the bike. Issues like break failure, engine seizing, or some other problem may occur. To avoid these problems, bike service is very important. There are many ways through which you can get your bike serviced, like by visiting a bike service station or calling a mechanic at home. Last but not least, you can get your bike repaired from other third-party dealers. A proper bike service avoids all the problems.

In this blog, we will discuss why you should call Apna Mechanic for bike service over OEM brands.

About OEM Workshop manuals  

OEM means original equipment manufacturer. OEMs are known as the original manufacturers who assembled the final product. There are many OEM brands like Honda, Hero, Toyota, Bajaj, TVS, Maruti Suzuki, and more. All of them have an authorized center from which you can get your bike service repaired. OEM workshops are the ones that provide a detailed explanation regarding all the problems that have occurred with your bike. All the models are considered in an explanation. There are a few advantages and many disadvantages to getting your bike service repaired from OEM workshop manuals.

Benefits of OEM Workshops manuals

  1. Warranty:

No matter whether you want a brake pad or an oil filter, you will be provided with everything directly from the assembly line. And besides, the factory mechanic will take care of your vehicle as per the instructions of the manufacturer. When a professional mechanic from the manufacturer repairs the bike, it is assured that your bike will never fall, as there is a warranty for all the parts that are placed by them.

  1. Better quality products:

There is no doubt that when a bike is being repaired in an OEM workshop, the products that will be used are genuine. So, they use a better-quality product, and there is no need for them to doubt the parts.

  1. Large lifespan:

The product’s quality is good. Therefore, it offers a longer lifespan than a usual local product.

These are all the benefits of getting your bike repaired or serviced at OEM workshops. There are many disadvantages to getting your bike repaired according to OEM workshop manuals. Let’s discuss them.

Drawbacks of using OEM Workshops

Some drawbacks of availing the OEW Workshops services are:

  1. Cost:

OEM workshops charge a very high cost to their customers, and they may also include some of the hidden costs. And not only this, but they can also fool you by charging an extra fee for the parts that they have not included at all while repairing your bike.

  1. Difficulty:

There is a difficulty in taking time out of a hectic schedule and visiting an OEM workshop, as one who is doing a private job hardly finds any time, and if it is urgent, one is not able to visit the workshop. According to the research, it is believed that OEM workshops are far away.

  1. Self-service:

OEM workshops do not provide a pickup and drop service or a doorstep bike service. So, this is the major drawback of availing the services of OEM workshops.

Should I get my bike repaired by a local mechanic?

You can get your bike repaired from a local mechanic, but there are many issues with that, and some of the issues that you might face are:

  1. Not sure about the genuine parts:

Most of the local garage uses local spare parts, which are of poor quality, and this also decreases the lifespan of the bike. On the other hand, a registered service center will always use genuine parts.

  1. Professional technicians:

One cannot trust the mechanics at a local garage as they are not well trained. On the other hand, registered shops hire professional mechanics.

  1. Lack of proper machineries and equipment’s:

Local workshops do not have adequate machinery and equipment for providing proper service. So, relying on them is of no use.

  1. Warranty issues:

A local garage does not offer any warranty to their customers, as they themselves are not assured about the products they have used while repairing a bike. But Apna Mechanic is the reliable brand that assures that all the products used are of quality, and therefore, they offer a 10-day warranty.

Reasons to choose Apna Mechanic over other OEM Workshops

There are multiple reasons to choose Apna Mechanic over other OEM brands:

  1. Cost effective:

The major reason for choosing an Apna Mechanic professional is that it is a cost-effective method. We charge no extra or hidden costs from our reliable customers. And we offer the best-quality original spare parts, which ensures a smooth ride for the riders. Whereas if you get your bike service repaired by an OEM, it will cost you a lot. And they may also charge some hidden cost for it, like the ambience they have or the coffee and tea they serve.

  1. Convenience:

An OEM manufacturer mechanic or a local garage mechanic will never be at your house to get your bike service done, and they will never provide a pick-up and drop-off service either. But Apna Mechanic provides all kinds of bike services at your doorstep, and if there is some major problem with the bike, we have the option of pick-up and drop-off services, through which your time gets saved, and thus, our main mission is to make you feel comfortable. There is no need for you to bring your bike to us, as our mechanic only comes for you at your doorstep.

  1. Time saves:

One can save their time by availing of Apna Mechanic pick-up and drop-off and doorstep bike service. If a person gives their bike to the manufacturer’s mechanic, it will waste the bike owner’s time as the owner has to take the bike to them, and afterwards, it will get repaired. At Apna Mechanic, we believe that customer time is very important, and therefore, we offer doorstep bike service to the customers so that they can carry on their other work easily without any worries.

  1. Real time clarifications:

When a mechanic comes to your house, he repairs the bike in front of you, which ensures that all the genuine parts are being used in a bike repair. A customer can clarify all of his doubts by taking a test ride after his bike gets repaired. And on the other hand, this cannot happen in the case of OEMs. An owner never clarifies his doubts when he gets a bike repaired by an OEM. And the reason behind this is that they do not have much time to listen.

  1.  Warranty:

Apna Mechanic provides a 10-day warranty after you get your bike serviced from us. And if you face any problem in handling your bike within these 10 days, we get it done again without any cost. So, this is the major profit that you can avail of from us. Whereas if you get your bike serviced by an OEM mechanic, you get no warranty from them. So, it is necessary to get your bike serviced by a local and reliable business that can provide you with the best bike services.

  1. Transparency:

Apna Mechanic never breaks the trust of their customers by using local products while repairing or by adding hidden costs to the bill of a bike service repair. We focus on providing the best for our clients. And we don’t hide anything from them. A business with pure transparency tends to succeed further. Based on our transparency, we have gained the trust of many customers. As the bike gets repaired in front of the client’s eyes, there is no chance to doubt Apna Mechanic’s professional service.


Apna Mechanic VS OEM VS Local Mechanic bike service features



Apna Mechanic

OEM Workshops

Local Mechanic







Quality Parts






Saves Time



Trained  Professionals



Customer Support



Wrapping up!

From the above table, one can clearly conclude that Apna Mechanic is an ideal place from where you can get your bike repaired and serviced. We are an ideal bike service center. At Apna Mechanic, all the brands of bikes get serviced. And that too at modest prices. To call the mechanic at your home or anywhere in the middle of the road, you just need to download our app and get it done at your convenience.

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