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    Vespa Scooty Service at your Doorstep

    Like any other vehicle, your Vespa scooter will develop problems at some point, but by getting your Vespa scooter service on a regular basis, you can reduce the likelihood of the issues becoming severe. It’s a good idea to have your scooter serviced at least thrice a year to keep it in good shape, but if you drive thousands of miles every month, you should consider getting it serviced more frequently.


    Apna Mechanic is your one-stop-shop for low-cost Vespa scooter service , maintenance and spare parts. If you choose Apna Mechanic for your scooter maintenance and its components, we guarantee a trustworthy customer service experience right at your doorstep. Our bike mechanics are specialists in all areas related to two-wheelers, with years of experience in the field. Our bike/scooter accessories are hand-picked from only the genuine manufacturers, ensuring that all of our products are of the highest professional grade quality and will properly suit your demands for your Vespa servicing.

    Popular Vespa Scooter models serviceable on a single click at our workshop include VXL 125, VXL 150, LX 125, ZX 125, SXL 125, SXL 150, Urban Club, Elegante, Notte 125.

    Tips from Apna Mechanic to Keep Your Vespa Scooty in Good Shape!

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    You all understand the necessity of a competent mechanic for the quality servicing of your Vespa scooter. However, locating the right and skilled mechanic is difficult. Apna Mechanic provides online services for bike/scooter repair and maintenance at the customer’s desired location, whether at home or office In this case, you can fill out our service form from our website.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Detergent oils contain improved additive packages that help prevent rust, break down engine sludge, and stabilize acidity, all of which help extend the oil’s life. This is the right choice for a newer engine or one that has been running on detergent oil for a long time; it keeps your engine clean and operating smoothly.

    Changing the oil in a Vespa scooter is critical to keep it running smoothly. Oil changes are typically performed every 1,500 to 2,000 miles. Every 2,000 miles, the transmission oil should also be replaced. A scooter oil change lubricates the engine, leading to improved mileage. Make sure there are no oil leaks from your engine or underneath your scooter.

    Tubeless tires are becoming increasingly popular among riders these days.

    • Tubeless tires have a far lower rate of puncture flats.
    • Tubeless tires can be ridden at significantly lower pressures than tubed tires, putting more tread on the ground. As a result, there is more traction.
    • Tubeless wheels and tires always contain an internal inflation valve and sealant, which balances the weight savings.

    Squealing brakes can be caused by a variety of factors which includes

    • The presence of grease or oil on the brake pad, rotor, or wheel rim, or a misaligned contact between the braking surfaces.
    • Manufacturers of brake pads typically specify a minimum thickness for the pad material. The brakes may squeak if the thickness of your brake pad is less than 1 mm.
    • Newly installed brake pads also need time to bed-in for better performance.

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