Top 10 Engine Oil Brands in India

Engine oil is a food for automobiles, and without it, none of the vehicles can run. Engine oil plays an important role, and when it comes to bike service, it is the responsibility of the owner to check the engine oil. A good quality of engine oil lubricates the engine in a better manner, and not only this, but it also reduces the chances of wear and tear. Choosing the right engine oil for two-wheelers might be a daunting task, as there are a number of engine oils for every different purpose, and therefore, it becomes difficult for the driver to choose the best among all.

In this blog, we will discuss the types of engine oil and which brands must be used in two-wheelers.

Types of engine oil

The best engine oil has the capability to remove all the dust and provide more efficiency to the vehicle. Some bike owners use their bikes frequently or rarely; for both purposes, there are different types of engine oil that are used. The main types of engine oil are:

  1. Mineral Bike engine oil

This is the most common type of engine oil used by two-wheeler owners. It is made up of crude oil and some addictive ingredients to improve its performance. They are mentioned as SAE Viscosity Ratings like 10W-30 and many more.

  1. Synthetic oils

Synthetic oil provides exceptional lubrication, and it is a better option for those who live in rural areas with bad weather conditions. They are renowned for providing better protection and efficiency to two-wheelers. Synthetic oils are labelled as SYN or SYNTH.

  1. Semi- Synthetic engine oil

This oil is a mixture of chemical and natural ingredients. It is used on those bikes that are used more than normal. Sem-synthetic oil has a better thermal property, due to which it is able to maintain engine security.

Why quality engine oil is important?

Choosing a high-quality engine oil is of immense importance as it allows two-wheelers to run for a longer period of time. Engine oils are vulnerable to climate change, and therefore, they are prone to wear and tear.

A few reasons why engine oil is important are:

  • Maintains the temperature and always keeps the engine oil cool.
  • Clean the engine by eliminating dust and debris.
  • improves engine performance.

One of the major advantages is that it decreases fuel consumption and leads to higher mileage.

Top 10 engine oil brands

Now, let us have a look on various popular and the best engine brands used in India.

  1. Valvoline Engine oil

Valvoline is an American brand that is quite popular in India. It is for those bike enthusiasts who take frequent rides on their bikes. Valvoline engine oil lubricates and protects an engine from any harm. There are different products that are available in Valvoline engine oil, like 10W-30, 1OW-40, 5W-30, 5W-40, etc. This brand was developed in 1886 and is also widely used by race car drivers. All types of engine oil are provided by the Valvoline engine oil brand.

  1. Motul engine oil

Motul engine oil is a famous French brand that offers a wide range of synthetic and semi-synthetic motor engine oils. Many bike enthusiasts consider the Motul 300-V series to be the best one because of its performance and standard protection. It also offers exceptional thermal resistance. They are used for bikes as well as for luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or Audi.

  1. Castrol

Castrol is the oldest engine oil brand for decades, and it is used in two-wheelers for its high performance and protection. It offers exceptional lubrication, decreases wear and tear, and increases overall performance. Castrol evolved in 1910, and till now, it is considered the best lubricant for bikes in India. There are different brands that are available in Castrol; for instance, Castrol Power 1 offers the best acceleration, and Castrol Activ offers security to the bikes. If you want proper security for your engine oil, this is the best engine oil to choose.

  1. Gulf

Gulf Engine Oil was launched in 1901, and currently Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the brand ambassador of Gulf Engine Oil. The reason why Gulf Engine Oil provides the best lubrication is that they have been inspired by Japanese technology, which differentiates them from the other brands. Gulf engine oil is suitable for bikes and riding situations. Other than providing lubricants, it also provides automobile fluids.

  1. Shell

Shell Engine Oil is also a renowned name these days. Shell makes use of advanced technology that cleans the bike efficiently. Shell distributes its best lubricant oils worldwide. Among all the brands available under Shell, the Shell Advance Ultra, which is developed to provide complete security to the engine, This engine oil is used because it saves around 2.2% of the fuel, and this is the reason why it meets the OEM performance of high-end luxury cars like Ferrari.

  1. Honda

Honda, too, is the leading and most reliable brand in India. It offers engine oil for four-stroke engines. Also, it provides a superior quality of engine oil. You can compare this brand with the others as well. Honda engine oil protects an engine from rust, and it also keeps an engine cool in an extreme summer season.

  1. Mobil 1

It is regarded as one of the ideal engine oil brands for bikes and cars. To provide better protection for the engine oil, they offer fully synthetic oil to their consumers. Among bike enthusiasts, Mobil 1 Racing 4T is the most used product, as it has the potential to control the extreme climate and driving conditions. Mobil 1 produces engine oil for 2 strokes and 4 strokes on both bikes. Mobil 1 was launched in 1901, and if you want to make your ride smoother, Mobil 1 will be the perfect choice.

  1. Veedol

Veedol not only produces engine oil but also gear oils, grease, engine coolants, and transmission oils. Few products of Veedol are famous among the two-wheelers, and those are: Veedol Super Swift, Veedol Take Off 4 T Premium, Veedol Take Off 2T, and Veedol Front Fork. If you want an outstanding performance while riding your bike without any hurdles, choose Veedol, as it will meet your expectations. Veedol is an affordable brand in India.

  1. Servo

Servo is the top-rated engine oil in India. This engine oil is available for all kinds of motorcycles. The top-selling servo engine oil products are Servo Supreme, Servo Brake, Servo Zoom, Servo 4T/2T, Servo Brake, and Servo Gear. Servo engine oil is designed to provide wholesome protection and a smooth ride. If someone is looking to purchase it but within a definite budget, the SERVO 4T SAE 4 stroke will be a better option. Remember, it’s for those bikes that have four-stroke engines.

  1. GS Caltex

This is an Indian multinational brand that came to India in 2010. The engine oil available from this brand for motorcycles is known as Kixx Ultra. The engine oil under this brand is specifically designed for four-stroke bikes. The company produces some famous products, such as Kixx Ultra 4T XP, Kixx Ultra 4T Gold, and Kixx Ultra 4T Power. If you want to increase the performance of your vehicle, this GS Caltex is the perfect choice for bike lovers.

Bottom Line:

These are all the top engine oil brands that are used in India. Before purchasing an engine oil, it is necessary for you to contact a dealer or a bike service station, from where you will get to know which engine oil will be perfect for your bike. For instance, Apna Mechanic bike service center recommends and provides the best engine oil to their customers. After all, we know how essential it is to pick up the best engine oil.

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