Top 10 Bike Insurance Companies in India 2023 and Price Comparision

Under the Motor Vehicles Act, all two-wheeled vehicles, including bikes, motorcycles, and scooters, must have third-party insurance coverage before being authorized to drive. However, given its advantages, obtaining an appropriate form of two-wheeler insurance coverage is always a wise decision. Along with coverage for the owner, comprehensive insurance offers substantial defense against any third-party obligations and covers damages to your two-wheeler caused by accidents, fires, theft, or natural disasters.

Why are Indian bike insurance providers so reliable? This results from several elements: a claim procedure, first-rate customer service, and a strong online presence.

Here is a thorough summary:

  1. Favorable aspects of the plans

The first and most obvious thing to crosscheck is the scope of the two bike insurance policies you purchase. All third-party and comprehensive insurance policies offered by insurance providers share a few basic elements. However, some insurers incorporate a few supplemental coverages within their standard policies. In order to keep your vehicle covered in the best possible way, seek the finest two-wheeler insurance plan that offers the broadest spectrum of coverage.

The following components must be included in your bike insurance policy:

  • A comprehensive motorbike insurance policy with a high IDV
  • Your bike insurance policy has a zero depreciation clause.
  • Personal accident insurance for the passenger
  • Replacement coverage for keys
  • NCB protection for new motorbikes
  • Engine protection in places at risk of flooding
  1. Claims procedure

The bike insurance company’s claim settlement procedure is the next important thing to look at. The ratio of claims settled is a good sign of this. A greater claim settlement ratio increases the probability of getting a claim settled without problems.

The claim procedure, however, encompasses much more than just the claim settlement ratio. You should look into the network garages, the claim procedure, and locations where you may submit a cashless claim. The garage itself often handles the whole claim procedure for a cashless garage. However, before having the repairs made, you would need to phone the surveyor in order to file a refund claim. Knowing the entire claim procedure and how simple it is to settle is crucial. You may snap images and upload them to certain bike insurance providers’ applications for processing a claim. This makes the procedure effective, particularly in today’s world when nobody has extra time.

  1. Good customer service

The insurance company’s customer support services are the next factor to take into account. You must pick a 2-wheeler insurance provider with a competent and accommodating customer service staff. This will enable you to contact them and obtain assistance with your inquiries anytime you need it. Do not select that specific insurance provider unless this service is provided. Service assistance is provided via effective chatbots and programs, making the procedure efficient and appealing.

  1. Great online presence

Finally, you should search for insurance with a strong online presence. All of the top motorbike insurance providers offer a reliable website and mobile application where you can purchase the policy, renew it, submit claims, etc. When purchasing your bike insurance coverage, look for this option.

Navigating through the company’s social media accounts and the mobile application is one of the simplest methods to do this. The overall experience will be positive if the application is effective and has simple, user-friendly operations. Try to obtain the policy from the top bike insurance provider while trying to purchase the best 2-wheeler insurance. Look for the benefits listed earlier before selecting a policy from the finest motorbike insurance provider.

Comparison of Insurance for Bikes


Insurance Company

Cashless GaragesThird-Party


Personal Accidental Cover


Incurred Claim RatioPolicy Term (Minimum)
1. Bajaj Allianz Insurance General Insurance Co Ltd.4500+✔️Rs. 15 lakh68.53%1 year
2.Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Co Ltd.6912+✔️Rs. 15 lakh65.05%1 year
3.IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Co. Ltd.4300+✔️Rs. 15 lakh84.12%1 year
4.Kotak Mahindra Insurance Co. Ltd.3000+✔️Rs. 15 lakh82.67%1 year
5.Liberty General Insurance Ltd.4300+✔️Rs. 15 lakh62.84%1 year
6.The Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd.3100+✔️Rs. 15 lakh97.95%1 year
7.Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd.8700+✔️Rs. 15 lakh75.57%1 year
8.SBI General Insurance Co. Ltd.16000+✔️Rs. 15 lakh93.58%1 year
9.Shriram General Insurance Co. Ltd.2000+✔️Rs. 15 lakh72.97%1 year
10.TATA AIG General Insurance Ltd.7500+✔️Rs. 15 lakh70%1 year


Guidelines for choosing the best auto insurance policy

Each person’s demands for automobile insurance are unique. Check the following factors to make sure you get the best motorbike insurance for you:

  1. Type of plans

In India, there are several varieties of bike insurance programs. You have the required third-party liability insurance first and foremost.

New Bike: In accordance with the legislation, if you purchase a new bike, you must obtain third-party liability coverage for five years. Then there are the packaged policies, which provide personal damage coverage for one year and third-party liability coverage for five years. Finally, you can purchase comprehensive policies that combine personal damage and third-party liability coverage.

Old Bike: However, if your bike is older, you do not require to get third-party insurance for five years at a time. In order to get the finest motor insurance for yourself, you must first evaluate your demands and determine the sort of bike insurance that is most appropriate for you.

  1. Riders

An essential consideration for bike insurance is the riders. A rider gives supplemental insurance, and you must purchase the riders in addition to a comprehensive plan. Zero depreciation riders, engine cover riders, roadside assistance riders, etc., are examples of popular motorcycle insurance riders. To understand the possible coverage, read the clause of each rider.

Select the best and most efficient ones by comparing them to your personal needs. The greatest motorbike insurance plan will unquestionably turn out to be a solid, comprehensive policy with the top riders.

  1. Tenure

You can buy a bike insurance policy for any number of years. Regular plans and long-term plans are both possible. You must choose the appropriate policy duration in addition to having the top 2-wheeler insurance.

For instance, you can get long-term comprehensive coverage if your bike is brand new. A one-year third-party liability policy can be sufficient if you currently own a used bike that you plan to replace shortly. Choose the finest two-wheeler insurance policy with the best duration after evaluating your demands.

  1. Cost

Last but not least, you must select a plan that fits with your economic situation. The two-wheeler insurance plan you select shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive since you won’t be able to afford the premium payments on time. You should compare bike insurance quotes in order to obtain the finest plan with the most beneficial features and coverage. Making a budget in advance can also help you know what price range to search in.

If you come across a plan that meets all of your needs and qualifies as suitable, you should get it right away to keep your bike safe.


Try obtaining coverage from one of the top motor insurance providers in India if you’re seeking the greatest motorbike insurance plan. Consider all of the information mentioned above when you make your decision. Make a budget, evaluate your personal needs, and then make comparisons. By doing this, you’ll be able to get the most excellent 2-wheeler insurance policy that will adequately protect your bike.

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