Best Scooters for Men

In contrast to bikes, scooters have long been seen as vehicles intended for women. The attitude is evolving along with the times. These days, males are much more likely to utilize scooters than bikes due to their lightweight, quick capabilities, and convenient commuting qualities.

Two-wheelers are one of the necessities for all men worldwide, whether they reside in an urban or rural region. While you can choose the most incredible bikes, a scooter is ideal if your budget does not let you spend a lot of money. Over the past ten years, scooters have gained popularity in India. All because of their enhanced features, seats, and mileage increased popularity. Many companies today claim to offer the best scooters for men in India.

List of top 10 scooters for men

The top scooters for men in 2022 are what some men are searching for. Here is a list of top scooters to assist buyers in finding the best scooter at the right price.

  1. TVS Jupiter

One of India’s top men’s scooters is the TVS Jupiter, which has 110CC. It has a single cylinder with 7.8 horsepower and 8 Nm of torque. In addition to the USB charger, the scooter also sports a smoked windscreen and an LED headlight. The TVS Jupiter’s external fuel filler cap, which enables the driver to store the fuel without moving, is one of its special features. This scooter’s front disc brake includes typical features. Distinctive fuel features like Bluetooth, a semi-digital indicator console, and its color set the top TVC Jupiter variation apart from its rivals. Additionally, the wheels on this scooter are machine-cut alloy. The synchronized braking system on this scooter activates the front brake when the rear brake is applied.

  1. Honda Activa 5G

One of the best-selling light scooters for men in India is the Honda Activa 5G. It has LED headlights and chrome embellishments. This vehicle’s top model also includes a digital display and a fuel gauge. The 109cc engine in the Honda Activa 5G can produce eight horsepower and 8.8 Nm of torque. The scooter is supported by a mono-shock and an antiquated trailing-link front suspension. Drum units are on both of its brakes.

  1. Yamaha Ray ZR 125

One of the well-known two-wheeler brands in India is Yamaha. It has a large selection of motorcycles and scooters. Three variations of the Yamaha Ray ZR 125 are available. Its 125cc engine produces 9.7 nm of torque and 7.9 bhp of power. Among recent models, it has integrated turn signal lamps and Y-LED position lights. In India, it is currently offered in two versions: drum and disc. The scooter includes a seat opening, a multi-function, and a side stand engine cutoff mechanism. The storage space under the seat is 21 liters.

  1. Yamaha Fascino

Men everywhere who enjoy riding scooters can also think about the Yamaha Fascino. This scooter’s neo-retro style makes it the perfect choice for all young people who ride a scooter or a motorcycle. It comes in 2 variations and has a 113cc engine with seven bhp power and 8.1 nm of torque. The gearbox is also a part of its one-cylinder. The Yamaha Fascino weighs approximately 103 kg and is available in seven distinct colors. It is among the priciest bikes in India because of its body’s chrome and curved appearance. The scooter also sports a 113cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine. Additionally, this scooter features 21 liters of under-the-seat storage, which is adequate to keep the full-face helmet.

  1. Hero Pleasure

One of the top scooters for men in India is Hero Pleasure. The scooter’s 102cc engine generates 6.91 horsepower and 8.1 nm of torque. It features a single-cylinder engine, an automatic transmission, and drum brakes on both the front and rear wheels. It comes in seven various colors and weighs 101 kg. Its IBS engages the front and rear brakes when the brake lever is pulled, which places it among the list’s top competitors. The glove box also has a light and is lockable. The scooter also has a 102cc single-cylinder engine that produces seven horsepower and 8 Nm of torque.

  1. Honda Activa 125

A unique set of features has been added to the Activa 125, including a part-digital display with an analog speedometer. Additionally, the scooter sports a seat-unlocking four-in-one ignition key slot and an LED headlamp. The rear suspension also contains preload-adjustable features and all of these capabilities. Its 124cc single-cylinder engine generates 8.5 horsepower and 10.5 Nm of torque. The Activa 125 comes in six matte colors.

  1. TVS Ntorq 125

TVS Ntorq 125 produces 9.1 horsepower and 10.5 nm of torque. It has a single cylinder, automated gearbox, and a 124.8cc engine. Drum brakes are used for both the vehicle’s front and rear brakes. It contains a lap timer, top speed recorder, clock with average speed, and helmet reminders. It comes in two different disc and drum variations. An additional characteristic of the scooter is its Synchronized Braking System.

It has a display that shows the temperature of the oil. Additionally, it has a charging port in the boot. The variant has Bluetooth capability in addition to all of these capabilities.

  1. Honda Dio

The body outlines of the Honda Dio are more angular and have a sportier appearance. Additionally, it offers features like an external petrol filler cap, a silent AC starter, and dual functionality. A fully digital instrument cluster, also seen on the Honda Dio, offers comprehensive data, including fuel range, current fuel efficiency, and average fuel efficiency.

  1. Suzuki Access 125

The scooter’s 124 cc engine produces 10.6 nm of torque and 8.6 bhp power. The one-cylinder engine features an automated transmission. The Suzuki Access 125 has an external fuel filler, a USB port, and a voltage meter that shows the battery’s condition.

  1. Honda Activa 6G

The Honda Activa 6G sports a double-lid external fuel filler cap, a silent starter, and an engine start-stop control. An 18-liter storage compartment is also present under the seat. It has a 109cc engine produces 8.79Nm of torque and 7.7bhp of power.

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