5 Things You Should Check If You Drive Honda Activa

In India, Activa has now become synonymous with scooters. The two-wheeler is, without a doubt, one of the country’s most reliable and best-selling scooters. The 109.2 cc engine of the Activa is highly reliable, and it provides a comfortable ride at 60 km/h without any troubles. This leads to improved fuel economy and, as a result, a lower fuel budget. This scooter also comes with a 125cc engine variant that is more powerful and capable of faster speeds. The scooter’s non-geared design also makes it simple to drive in traffic.

Honda Activa Service Checklist:

It offers everything that a city commuter could want. You need to maintain it properly in order to sustain its good performance and condition. Let’s take a closer look at how to maintain your Honda Activa:

  1. Check and maintain Tire Pressure

When it comes to a two-wheeler rider’s safety, we can say that tire pressure is crucial. The absolute tire pressure not only assures safety but also extends the life of your Activa’s tires. Check your vehicle’s tire pressure on a regular basis. Proper tire pressure will also result in better grip and reduced braking distances. The manufacturer’s recommended tire pressures are 22 psi for the front wheel and 28 psi for the rear wheel, respectively. When riding with a pillion passenger, the recommended tire pressures for the front and back tires are 22 psi and 36 psi, respectively. To ensure a long life of the tires, they must be refilled, and their pressure checked once a week. Check the sidewalls and treads of the tires for damage and wear while checking the tire pressure.

  1. Maintain servicing schedule

Most individuals do not take the servicing schedules of their two-wheelers seriously. Primarily because of their busy working schedules, people often neglect the regular servicing of their scooter or bike. However, getting the engine oil and engine flush changed is vital for the Honda Activa service. And nowadays there are options available to get your Honda Activa service at Home. When you replace your oil on a regular basis, you can enjoy a smooth and trouble-free ride for a long period. After every 300–500 mile ride, the oil should be changed. Replace the air filter, oil filter, engine oil, and brake oil every 1500 kilometers. The usage of high-quality oil for your scooter is the next important element. Most significantly, find an experienced and skilled mechanic capable of fully understanding your Activa to ensure that the job is properly completed.

  1. Keep battery charged

Without a battery, a Honda Activa is like a body without a soul. If your Activa’s battery runs out, it could result in a complete technical failure. Headlights, horns, and the self-start feature will all be disabled. Therefore, adding additional accessories to your vehicle puts an extra load on the battery, which is not a good idea. You should keep an eye on the vehicle’s battery and get it charged externally in case it runs low.

  1. Maintain performance and mileage

There are numerous ways to keep the Honda Activa’s performance and mileage up to par. Using efficient and clean air filters and spark plugs, limiting the maximum driving speed around 60km, tuning the carburetor and engine, cleaning the air filters and spark plugs on a monthly basis, avoiding strong acceleration and excessive braking, and maintaining the appropriate chain settings and tire pressure are some of the most important. Additionally, a two-minute warm-up of the engine before riding improves the Activa’s mileage.

Also, regular servicing of your Honda Activa is essential. The proper servicing of the engine has a good impact on the Honda Activa service cost, and it also gradually increases the mileage with subsequent service.

  1. Check brakes and brake oil

An older version of the Honda Activa model is equipped with a brake lock system for the rear brake. You can use this system instead of holding the brake when you need to stop the vehicle on a slope. Avoid applying rapid braking to avoid the risk of skidding. For correct braking, decelerate slightly with the rear brake before using both brakes simultaneously. Activa’s brakes and brake oil should be checked after every 1000 kilometers.

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  1. Do you recommend any one in Thane to carry out fuel settings of Activa

  2. Reply
    M. Arthanari, Erode, Tamilnadu March 9, 2023 at 8:54 am

    I purchased Activa 125 on 02.03.23 in Royal wings Honda at Erode, Tamilnadu.
    Yesterday (08.03.23) , the scooter didn’t start by using self starter key.
    Then I started the scooter by kicking .
    I don’t know whether self starter motor is not good or battery.

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